12 Best WooCommerce SEO Tips to Boost Your Rankings

By | May 3, 2019

12 WooCommerce SEO Tips to Boost Your Rankings-2019

WooCommerce SEO



When you’re making an attempt to drive alternative traffic to your best WooCommerce store you’re getting to have a range of various routes to pursue. you have got paid all traffic, growing your social media channels, and alternative Sociel media and a lot of place.
But, one kind of traffic can’t solely be terribly high-quality, however it’s long-lived too. If you couldn’t guess we’re talking concerning program traffic.

Ranking your WooCommerce store within the search engines can take some work. But, since SEO traffic is long-run it’s one thing you’ll reap the advantages of for years to come back.

Below we provide ten of our greatest tips for reinforcing your WooCommerce store’s program rankings.

1. fast Optimize Your Images

Of course, you would like high-quality pictures of your product. However, having high-quality pictures isn’t enough.

If you don’t optimize your pictures properly they might really be doing you a ill service. massive pictures, albeit they’re high-quality will dramatically impact your website’s loading speeds. The slower your web site masses the more severe it’ll liquidate the search engines.

Optimizing your pictures needs a ballroom dance process:

1.Reduce the general image file size while not compromising quality. employing a plugin like WP Smush can do the trick.
2.Optimize your pictures sure keywords. This includes dynamical your image name, title, and angular position description to replicate your targeted keyword, whereas still remaining faithful the image.


2. Improve Your URL Structure

Is your current URL structure long and confusing? Having long URLs that square measure full of advanced characters will really stumble upon as spammy.

Part of this must do with adjusting your permalinks, so that they replicate the best organization potential. But, it additionally implies that your product, category, site pages, and any journal posts have additionally been optimized for a given keyword.

When unsure make certain that your URL structure is logical and as easy as potential.

3. Avoid Duplicate Content

Having duplicate content across your WooCommerce web site will cause a rankings nightmare. However, plenty of larger WooCommerce sites find yourself creating this error time and time once more.

It is troublesome to return up with artistic and engaging product descriptions for each product in your store, particularly once you have many similar merchandise. But, it’s fully necessary.

Think about it, your product description additionally helps to persuade your guests to truly get your merchandise too. pay time creating all of your product descriptions distinctive.

4. Use made Snippets

By exploitation made snippets you’ll improve the looks of your computer programme listings, which may facilitate to extend your CTR. this suggests that a lot of individuals can click through to your web site, even with none movement in your rankings.

Essentially, made snippets can add further hypertext markup language to your pages, which supplies the search engines a lot of info concerning what your page is concerning.

There square measure plenty of various made snippets obtainable, together with sorts that measure plenty of various made snippets obtainable

There square measure some WooCommerce extensions obtainable that’ll add Schema markup to your web site, however another solid plugins embody the Schema and every one In One Schema made Smeasure plenty of various made snippets obtainable

5. Use associate SEO Plugin

If you’re very making an attempt to boost your SEO, then a solid on-page optimisation plugin can facilitate plenty. Out of the box WordPress and WooCommerce square measure pretty SEO-friendly. But, if you’re trying to vie it is an honest plan to try to to everything in your power to boost your rankings.

There square measure plenty of various plugins obtainable, however one amongst the most effective is Yoast WooCommerce SEO. this can be a premium plugin, however it expands upon it’s unbelievable Yoast SEO plugin and adds options specifically for WooCommerce.

Some of the items you’ll be ready to do with this plugin include:

Creating made Pinterest-specific pictures
Adding breadcrumbs to replicate your site’s structure
Improving your sitemap for easier computer programme creeping
Additional focus keywords per page
And more

6. select a top quality Host

A lot of individuals assume that WooCommerce can work fine with any shared host. This can be true if you simply have a couple of merchandise to sell and you don’t get that a lot of traffic.

But, if you’re serious concerning scaling your web site, or have a high volume or merchandise or traffic, then a WooCommerce specific host are a few things you can’t live while not.

By selecting a WooCommerce centered host you’ll get a hosting platform that’s been utterly optimized for WooCommerce. this may facilitate to boost your speed and performance, which is able to have a positive impact on your guests and your computer programme rankings.

7. make certain Your Store Is Mobile-Friendly

In Google’s eyes mobile matters plenty.

To start your web site has to pass the Google mobile friendliness check. if you’ve passed this check with success that’s a good begin. But, it still isn’t enough.

You need to deem up your mobile user expertise factors. By having positive user expertise indicators your rankings can improve.

This includes doing things like coming up with your web site with mobile users in mind 1st. Google recently free associate update that they’re rolling out a mobile-first index. this suggests that the performance and user expertise of the mobile version of your site website web web site can influence however alternative versions of your site rank.

Another plan is to integrate AMP. though there is some problems with WooCommerce it’ll facilitate to boost the performance of your mobile pages. There square measure some plugins which is able to facilitate to form the combination easier just like the WP AMP andWooCommerce specific host


8. Organize Your web site Structure

A lot of WooCommerce web sites square measure infamous for having a confusing site structure.

Your site website web web site  structure is answerable for 2 things: creating it easier for the computer programme bots to crawl your site, and up your user expertise.

Essentially, your web site structure involves the organization and layout of your site’s content, together with your inventory to form it simply accessible and intuitive.

Here square measure a couple of key points to stay in mind:

Every page on your web site ought to be accessible from among 3-4 clicks of the homepage.
Regularly interlink your content and merchandise pages along.
If you’ve got plenty of merchandise, then it’s an honest plan to form class silos which each product page can sit beneath.
Consider simplifying your overall menu structure. massive menus with too several drop-down choices is confusing.
Finally, you’ll wish to avoid any broken links. you’ll install a plugin like Broken Link Checker, which is able to analyze your broken links. Or, use a web tool just like the on-line Broken Link Checker. If you’ve recently modified up your URL structure, or you’ve used plenty of external links, then it’s an honest apply to often check and update and links that aren’t any longer operating.

9. contemplate beginning a journal

A journal isn’t associate absolute necessity for a WooCommerce store, however it will facilitate your rankings.

Running your WooCommerce store already takes plenty of your time and energy. But, by having a journal you’ll amplify the time you’ve already spent.

For example, with a daily journal, you offer guests a reason to return back to your web site. Plus, the posts on your journal is a good thanks to generate links and social shares. you’ll then pass away the rank juice of those posts onto your merchandise and alternative pages through internal linking.

Not solely that with a daily journal you’ll really improve your sales method. A journal offers you an area to form content that drives sales. assume things like associate in-depth case study, a series of how-to posts, or product demonstrations. Or, you’ll even use it as a vehicle to announce new product launches.

10. Optimize Your Headers and merchandise Descriptions

For every page, post, and merchandise on your web site, you’ll have a page title. It’s necessary to optimize this title for each your target keyword and to encourage click-throughs. Basically, this suggests you’re optimizing your titles for the search engines and for readers at an equivalent time.

Here square measure a couple of tools to assist you brainstorm and build higher headlines:

CoSchedule Headline analyser
Inbound currently plan Generator
Emotional Headline analyser
You’ll additionally have to be compelled to deem optimizing and up your product descriptions.

Your product descriptions ought to embody feeling to assist produce need around your product, whereas additionally exploitation logic to explain technical details of the merchandise and show why it’s the most effective.

Also, use format through out your product descriptions to form them a lot of clear.

Hopefully, you’ve got a higher a far better a much better a higher a stronger a more robust an improved understanding of however you’ll better optimize your Emotional Headline analyser

If you’re trying to require your WooCommerce website(s) to successive level, contemplate Pressable’s WooCommerce specific plans.


11.Emotional Headline analyser

you must choose a best woocommerce web designer. Grow your business.


12.Choose a best WooCommerce SEO Plugins 

Contrary to common belief, WooCommerce SEO is pretty necessary. like every WordPress web site, optimizing your WooCommerce store for search engines is crucial, and if you don’t, it might impact your site’s natural referencing and ultimately your sales. fortuitously, SEO for WooCommerce is straightforward, because of variety of best SEO plugins you’ll realize on the web for many usd or some even free!

What is associate SEO plugin, you ask? will SEO plugins do all the work? will they assist my WooCommerce web site rank higher on Google SERPs?

Simply put, associate SEO plugin may be a plugin that enables you to feature associate SEO title, meta keywords, and a meta description to each post you increase your web site. In short, they assist improve SEO on your WordPress or WooCommerce web site. To answer the second and third question, no! SEO plugins alone can’t assist you rank higher on search engines.

There area unit many alternative factors, like selecting a WooCommerce hosting with Varnish or victimisation the simplest WooCommerce SEO tips for optimum optimisation. So to say, associate optimisation method is a lot of complicated than simply putting in many plugins.

Nonetheless, SEO plugins area unit a good thanks to optimize your store and this text is here to assist you select the simplest WooCommerce SEO plugins!


Best WooCommerce SEO Plugins

1. Yoast SEO

With over five million downloads and thousands of positive reviews, Yoast SEO is while not a doubt one amongst the most effective SEO WordPress plugins offered on-line. This plugin permits you to perform several on-the-spot technical optimizations to boost the SEO of your web site, and with a good form of options, it’s associate all-in-one plugin.

While the free version of the plugin is sweet enough, if you have got advanced SEO wants, they need a paid premium version for that further press on Google rankings.


woocommerce seo


  • Main Features:
  • Keyword improvement
  • Preview Page
  • Readability Checker
  • Full-control Over Breadcrumbs
  • Duplicate Content Alert
  • Technical Stuff in Background
  • Updated Google algorithmic rule
  • Internal Linking Suggestion
  • Content Insights
  • Redirect Manager
  • Multisite Compatibility
  • 1-year free 24/7 Support

2.WooCommerce Rich Snippets – E-Commerce SEO Plugin

What Is a fashionable Snippet?
Rich snippets were designed to grant users a lot of data regarding search results. Google has perpetually been regarding the client expertise, thus made snippets offer a lot of data to the client and either answer their question or offer them a lot of insight into a probe result before they click it.

Whether structured information affects rankings has been the topic of a lot of discussion and lots of experiments. As of yet, there’s no conclusive proof that this markup improves rankings. however there ar some indications that search results with a lot of intensive made snippets (like those created victimization Schema) can have a much better click-through rate.

According to John Mueller, structured information helps an online page rank higher within the same means regular content helps a page rank. the guts of programme improvement is creating it straightforward for a probe engine to grasp what the online page is regarding. Structured information could be a fantastic thanks to communicate what product ar purchasable, wherever a business commercialism the merchandise is found, what the hours of operation ar, what number folks reviewed a product so on. Structured information makes it straightforward to speak vital data a couple of product, a business and an online page.


seo plugin



3.Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack is a necessary plugin for WooCommerce beginners. The free version includes a statistics tool, automatic sharing of publications on social networks, and a “similar articles” feature that directs your readers to articles of your selection. If you would like to optimisation victimisation SEO and ocean tools (AdSense, Facebook Ads), you’ll take the paid version.

This SEO plugin additionally simplifies content production through easier media integration also as making carousels and image mosaics, thereby rising your overall WooCommerce SEO.

best woocommerce SEO plugins



Wrapping up!

SEO has continuously had a crucial place in optimizing WooCommerce stores as a result of it helps in a very higher ranking in computer programme result pages (SERPs). whereas computer programme algorithms ar ever evolving and not in your management, you’ll still make sure that your on-line store is correctly optimized victimisation WooCommerce SEO plugin to attain higher search positions.

We’ve given you the list, currently it’s up to you to settle on the most effective WooCommerce SEO plugin that’s right for you. Once put in and activated, all you’ve got to try to to is tack it to begin optimizing your on-line store. simply don’t install too several plugins as a result of it will increase the loading speed of your store and may punish your SEO!


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